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Back To Work

Back To Work

Back to work we all go, the holidays are over and it's time to head back to our 9-5 lives it's gross, we know. Everyone is dragging their feet, memories of days filled with naps, endless food and good times swimming through all of our heads and it's hard to get back focused on the grind but, we all want to pay rent next month. It's time to put our heads down and get back to it and we are here to help, keep reading if you want to keep your job.

Writing It Down

When you get to work in the morning, make a list of everything you need to do and start with checking and answering your e-mails. If there are a lot, block out 30 mins to answer and go through all of them. As you go throughout the day, check off everything you get done, you will feel accomplished and motivated to keep working through everything.


Ah yes, laziness's tempting cousin, procrastination is a deadly game to play especially if you are trying to get back into the grind of work life. Things always pile up when you procrastinate, and always cause mayhem and panic when the deadline is staring you in the face ready to be met. The trick to beating this is to plan ahead, break down everything you need to achieve by the end of the day and keep yourself accountable for each task.


Before you even start working in the morning, look at your workspace and declutter it a bit, make sure you put away anything that could potentially distract you from getting the full potential of work done for the day.

It's no secret that it's hard to get back into the swing of things when you are trying to adjust to having to wear real clothes instead of your sweats, don't worry though, Nutrovape has a great product. Nutrovape Focus is designed to quickly snap your mind to attention and help you get through any mental block you are facing. Together we will all get through the post-holiday blues and get back to normal.