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Sleeping On A Plane

Sleeping On A Plane

Sometimes you need to take the plunge and take a late flight to your destination. To make sure that you show up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed you need to be able to master the art of sleeping on an airplane. While it isn't the most ideal location to get those much needed zzz's, there are ways that you can improve your sleep quality to make sure you don't miss a single second of vacation time. Keep reading if you want to learn some tips to make sure you don't lose a single second of shut-eye on your next overnight flight.

Comfy Clothes

This doesn't mean wearing your slippers and pajamas through the airport; just loose and comfortable clothing that won't cling, dig into your body or prevent you from being comfortable. Another good tip is to layer your clothing so you can adjust your temperature accordingly.


Make sure to give yourself some time to relax before you board your flight; find a quiet corner somewhere in the airport and do some light stretching, listen to some relaxing podcasts or music and put yourself into a zen state of mind before getting on the airplane.


If you are in economy you won't have a lot of legroom, so you need to make the most of every centimeter you have. Make sure that you take out anything you absolutely need from your carry on and then store your bag in the overhead compartment to make sure you get the legroom you need so you are completely comfortable.

Night Routine

Find a way to replicate your night time routine from when you are at home. Find things you can do on the plane that will mimic what you do before you crawl into bed at home -- like having some water, moisturizing your hands or listening to certain music or watching a movie to help lull you to sleep. Doing this kind of routine will signal to your brain it is time to sleep and help you get to sleep faster.

Sleeping in a place other than your own bed is always a challenge, but thankfully there are always ways around it. Find out what works for you and get into that routine leading up to your flight. Nutrovape Sleep is also a great addition and will be easy to incorporate into your routine before you even step foot into the airport, it works quickly and will help make sure you get to dreamland quicker than the plane taking off.